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Property damage claims in the Bronx, New York come in all shapes and sizes.  Most are based upon principles of negligence, a breach of a particular duty of care, based upon a statute, or a contract.  The property damage attorneys at Greenblatt Agulnick have been successfully handling Bronx County property damage claims since its inception.  It's lawyers practice in Bronx County Supreme Court, as well as the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, which covers The Bronx.  

Some of the most common property damage claims we handle in the Bronx are fire, water damage, and damage caused by nearby construction.  If you are in The Bronx and have had property damage at your home or your business, you should immediately consult with a lawyer.  Be sure not to rely upon information or "guidance", whether by an insurance broker, friend, or  family, without speaking to a lawyer.. The property damage claim lawyers at Greenblatt Agulnick will assess your claim, determine if insurance should cover it, and give you straight forward and honest legal counsel. Whether or not you have insurance, or don't have enough insurance, we can help you recover what you are entitled to.

The statute of limitations for property damage claims is three years from the date of the damage, but you should not delay.  The best claims are pursued right away.  If you have insurance, you should act immediately or risk a denial.  For your convenience, our office in Great Neck.  You can come to us, and we can certainly come to you.  


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