settled after summary judgment for undisclosed amount

SettleD AFTER MEDIATION FOR $675,000.00 

Lawyer for Denied Insurance Claim

kobbel v.  Ins. Co

Property occupied by a hostile tenant. After legal action by the insured, an eviction was scheduled, however, the day prior to the eviction there was a fire at the building. Insurance company denied the claim based upon the insured’s alleged failure to comply with the protective safeguard provision of the policy.

settled after mediation for undisclosed amount in excess of $150,000.00


During the course of the construction of a small commercial office building, subcontractor failed to properly shore vertical supports during excavation. As a result, the vertical supports shifted causing the building to partially collapse. resulting in lost rents, fines, and consequential damages 

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Below are but a few illustrative examples of the matters handled by Greenblatt Agulnick*

Insurance Litigation Attorney

Insurance carrier denied coverage for a major water damage incident stemming from a failure of the heating system in a high end multi-million dollar home.  Greenblatt Agulnick was retained and obtained a reversal of the determination, resulting in full coverage of the claim.

Following historically powerful rains, a business factory roof tore from the parapet walls and leaked throughout.  Insurance carrier denied the claim, alleging that poor maintenance and repairs were the proximate cause of the loss, and not the torrential rainstorm. 

NY Pipe Break Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer
Insurance Claim Lawyers New York

settled after mediation for $305,000.00

omk V. ksic

Greenblatt Agulnick successfully represented 7 homeowners with uncovered losses and basement damages stemming from a 2014 municipal water main break.  After obtaining Summary Judgment against the City of New York, settlements were obtained for all 7 families

settled for full value of claim $157,000.00 AFTER summary judgment

EY v. Ins. Co

Following a major homeowner's insurance claims, disputes arose regarding a variety of aspects of coverage and the insurance company's deficient payments and bad faith..  Litigation was commenced by Greenblatt & Agulnick in Federal District Court and resolved prior to trial.  

Lawyer for Denied Insurance Claim

zig v.  Ins. Co

Denied a claim arising from burglars entering a commercial property, breaking the walls and stealing copper piping from the walls. Insurance company’s alleged the destruction was the result of theft and not covered under the policy. Plaintiff won summary judgment. 

Dave v. ___State Company

 Following a catastrophic fire destroying the insured's home in its entirety, the insurance company issued a complete insurance claim denied alleging misrepresentation and also that the insured did not "reside" at the property.  

Sanchez v. OHIC

Tenants v. Supermarket  

After a catastrophic fire destroyed an apartment building in Brooklyn, our office represented tenants who were uninsured and had lost their contents.   After securing the return of each of their security deposits, a lawsuit was commenced.  

Bad faith lawyer New York

settled for full value of claim $250,000.00

New York Construction Damage Lawyer


VV v. MAJOR Ins. Co

Following a major water main break in Queens, New York, which caused several feet of water to inundate the client's home, the carrier denied the claim in its entirety claiming that the policy had an exclusion for surface water


settled prior to trial $1.75M.

Insurance carrier denied coverage for a major fire predicated upon the insured not residing in the main house on the Property during renovations.  Greenblatt Agulnick was retained and prior to filing suit, the carrier reversed their determination and covered the loss in its entirety.

Lawyer for Denied Insurance Claim Suffolk County

warehouse v. ins. co


settled before trial for $195,000.00

Insurance Denial Law Firm in New York
Insurance Denial Lawsuit Denial in NY
New York Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer

SettleD PRIOR TO TRIAL FOR $350,000.00 ​​

New York Attorney for Fire Claim
Queens Denied Property Insurance Claim Lawyer

astoria water main cases

D. v. Allstate

While the elderly client was away visiting family, a boiler malfunction caused water to pour out the radiators in the home. The water continued to escape for weeks after first onset. After the loss was discovered, Allstate denied the claim “seepage” or “leaked” over a period of weeks and months.  


* The above are a few examples of the cases handled by Greenblatt Agulnick.  Some of the names and specific information have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients or for legal purposes.  PRIOR RESULTS ARE NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE SUCCESS.

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