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If your insurance claim has been denied, it can be a crushing blow.  However, quite often and experienced insurance claim attorney in New York can make all the difference.  Insurance companies are quick to deny claims, most often assuming that the insured will walk away and not challenge the denial.  The lawyers at Greenblatt Agulnick know how to navigate your insurance claim and most importantly, we know when a denied claim should be paid.  We have a saying, the carrier doesn't decide whether you should get paid, we do.  Since our inception in 2005, we have been beating insurance claim denial and making the carriers pay.  If your claim has been denied, call us today.  

We have successfully handled virtually every type of loss, including flood damage claims, water damage, wind, frozen pipe/pipe burst, collapse, puffback, fire, mold, vandalism, theft and more,  with ever major insurance carrier in New York.  We are very proud that we received many referrals from Public Adjusters, other attorneys, industry professionals and even former adversaries.  ​​​

While an insurance policy is a contract, the time to file a lawsuit, or statute of limitations, for a denied claim is actually much shorter than a typical breach of contract claim.  Insurance policies in New York State and elsewhere limit your time to file.  Most New York policies allows only two years to file from the date of the loss itself, with some being as short as one year.  An evaluation by an experienced lawyer is as easy as contacting us, sending us the denial, and giving us some information.  Thanks it.  Do not delay.


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