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New York Examination Under Oath (EUO) Lawyers

We have extensive experience with the Examination Under Oath (EUO) process. Our New York examination under oath attorneys will guide you through the process and handle of the logistics, from scheduling the location to the post examination procedure related to your insurance claim.  Our attorneys will help ensure compliance with all of the insurance company's demands and safeguard our clients' rights during the actual EUO.

Insurance companies often undertake comprehensive investigations when faced with a significant payment on an insurance claim. The investigation sometimes includes an EUO, which a policyholder is required to appear at, if requested. The legal basis for an EUO can be found in the binding language of a policy.  Any failure to comply with an EUO demand is considered a material breach of contract and a proper basis for the denial of a claim.

Examinations Under Oath are most often coupled with the requirement that the insured produce a multitude of documents, all claimed to be related to the insurance companies investigation of the claim.  An insureds failure to provide all of the requested documents, or respond appropriately if such documents cannot be provided, may form the basis for a denial under the Cooperation Clause.  EUO demand letters may also include a demand for a Proof of Loss, which must be submitted within very strict time limits.

If you have received a demand for an EUO, or a demand for a Proof of Loss, you should contact an experienced insurance attorney without delay.  Hourly and contingency payment arrangements are available.  Good representation can make the difference,  Contact us for a free consultation today.  Our insurance claim lawyers serve Long Island, the New York City area and surrounding counties.