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Event Cancellation Coverage is a specialty type of insurance which protects insureds in the event of a cancellation resulting from a covered cause of loss or peril.  The event could range from a small wedding to a major sporting or charity event.  This type of insurance provides coverage for revenue loss or expenses you committed to an event you have to cancel, postpone or relocate due to such perils as adverse weather, such as a snow/ice storm, natural disasters like an earthquake, flood or fire, labor disputes that don't involve the policyholder and/or their employees,
or acts of terrorism, civil authority and more, and some policies will even contain coverage for communicable disease. Each policy is different and must be reviewed carefully by an experienced eye to determine whether you should have coverage for your cancellation.  The insurance carriers will be quick to disclaim coverage, or if coverage is afforded they are quick to minimize the covered portion of your loss.  Do not just assume they are correct.  Our business was built on improperly denied claims and underpaid claims.  Coverage for communicable disease outbreaks, such as a coronavirus, can be found in some event cancellation policies and can often be added as an endorsement, separate and apart from civil Authority.  This is not a time to go at it alone and our New York Event Cancellation claims attorneys can assist from review, to claim to resolution.  

If you have cancelled or are facing an imminent cancellation of an event, your Event Cancellation policy should be reviewed immediately.  Greenblatt & Agulnick's insurance claim attorneys can review your policy and determine whether the event cancellation policy provides coverage under your fact pattern.  If you do not have coverage, we can review the surrounding facts and circumstances regarding the procurement and issuance of the event cancellation policy and whether you discussed or were offered other available endorsements which would have otherwise provided coverage.  Our experienced New York attorneys can assist you with all components of your insurance claim in both State and Federal Courts from from Albany to Nassau and Suffolk County in Long Island. 


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