Fire claims can be disastrous. In addition to the fire itself, catastrophic damage is caused by the smoke, power surge, fire department activity, and the thousands of gallons of water used to extinguish a fire. 

Fire claims are equally complicated. They involve complex issues involving reconstruction, codes, additional living expenses, temporary repairs, water remediation, and contents claims. When dealing with a fire claim, the devil is in the details. An insurance company's adjustment of a fire claim can differ from a homeowner's assessment by tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Businesses are faced with additional challenges, taking into account relocation and loss of business. Fire claims should not be handled alone. It is essential to have a professional assist you. Contractors are not trained to handle insurance claims, and you should not rely on your contractor to negotiate your claim for you. They are not licensed to do so and do not have a firm understanding of policy interpretation or coverage.

If a fire occurs, it should be reported immediately.  If immediate work is required before the insurance company adjuster can arrive, everything should be properly photographed and documented.  Failure to do so could result in an unnecessary investigation and raise suspicions as to material aspects of the loss being covered up.

​Our office can assist immediately, 24/7 and help with claim submission, obtaining estimates, emergency remediation, alternative living, and piece of mind.


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