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NEW YORK freeze damage insurance claims

As the weather gets colder, frozen pipes and related water damage claims become quite frequent.  Given that water expands when it freezes, if the weather drops and heat becomes inadequate, a pipe can freeze and break and the results can be catastrophic.

Not all frozen pipe claims are covered however, and a claim must be approached very carefully.  Certain provisions in homeowner insurance policies set forth very specific requirements in order for a frozen pipe claim to be covered.  While each policy form may vary, there are certain common themes among frozen pipe insurance coverage clauses.  These commonalities include reasonable efforts to maintain heat, turning off the water and draining the pipes and appliances, and certain occupancy/vacancy provisions.

If you have had a frozen pipe claim, it is always advised to seek professional assistance, ideally immediately after the loss and before the claim is submitted.  Quite often, homeowners or business owners submit a claim and unwittingly provide incorrect information, if believed to be true by the insurance company, could result in a denial. 

Even if there are no issues as to coverage, a claims professional is advised.  Statistics have shown that an insured who is represented will recover more than one unrepresented, 

Our office can assist immediately, 24/7 and help with claim submission, obtaining estimates, emergency remediation, alternative living, and piece of mind.


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