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Legal experts said it's a complex case for the dealership to prove. Attorney Scott Agulnick of Great Neck, who specializes in suits against insurance companies but isn't involved in the Five Towns case, said a judge could determine that the words after "or" are simply to elaborate on the meaning of "flood."

“There was a complete disregard for his well-being,” said Rodriguez’s attorney Scott Agulnick ... Agulnick charges that his client was subjected to “inhumane punishment” and “intentionally deprived medical attention.”

2 Hurt In Another Car Crash By Ed Koch Queensboro


Scott Agulnick, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, said that "this was a tragic occurrence, and those responsible, by way of their actions or inactions, will be held accountable. Our mission is to obtain justice for our clients so that they can rebuild their lives and move forward, while always remembering those innocent lives that were forever lost that day."

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Several lawsuits have been filed against the city and the engineering company that redesigned the roadway, said Scott E. Agulnick, a lawyer representing the two businesses that closed because of the crashes. The restaurant’s owner is trying to restart elsewhere in the city.... “He and his wife invested a lot into that business, and it was open a little less than six months when this happened,” Mr. Agulnick said.

Off-Duty Police Officer Killed In Crash Near Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

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Attorneys Scott Agulnick and Mark Friedman represent the tenants. "Our clients have waited patiently for this investigation to near completion," the lawyers said in a statement Tuesday. "They have lost their homes, belongings, and have been financially devastated. We look forward to their day in Court, and holding all those responsible accountable..."

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Lawyer Scott Agulnick said Jaden Diaz and Christopher Brito – both then 4 and students at CS 211, The Bilingual School – told their parents that a substitute teacher took them and another boy to an empty classroom on Nov. 17, 2006, and left them there alone. Soon, the lawyer said, the school-safety officer entered the room, cuffed the boys’ wrists – and further terrified them by telling they that they would never see their parents again.