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No two property damage claims are alike.  However, most property damage claims are founded upon principles of negligence and/or contract law.  

Often, if you have had a loss and you are uninsured, you can bring a lawsuit against the party or parties who are responsible for the damage.  Even where there is insurance for a loss, there may be portions which are in fact not insured, or where the limits of your policy are insufficient to cover the extent of the damage you sustained. You may be able to seek damages from the wrongdoer if you still have losses, even if you had insurance.

Our attorneys have successfully handled damage claims ranging from a neighbor's tree growing through a wall to  fire damage claims brought by uninsured tenants in a building.  Our attorneys will personally visit the site and start an investigation immediately.  

We employ a hands on approach and develop our cases with the assistance of engineers and experts in the relevant field.  The statute of limitations for a negligence case in New York is three years from the date of the damage.  However, it is important to act quickly so as to prevent any loss of potentially valuable evidence and opportunity to investigate.​​

​We are proud to say that we received many referrals from Public Adjusters, other attorneys, and even former adversaries.  It all starts with a free consultation.


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