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We have successfully handled virtually every type of loss, including flood damage claims, water damage, wind, frozen pipe/pipe burst, collapse, puffback, fire, mold, vandalism, theft and more, with ever major insurance carrier in New York.  We are very proud that we received many referrals from Public Adjusters, other attorneys, industry professionals and even former adversaries.  ​​​

Greenblatt Agulnick also provides representation for all aspects of litigation, personal injury, real estate, and commercial and residential landlord tenant court.  Whatever your legal matter, contact our office today.  We offer reasonable and flexible fee arrangements and contingency fees where appropriate.  We practice in State and Federal Courts throughout New York.

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If you've had a loss and you are uninsured, you can bring a lawsuit against the party or parties who are responsible for the damage.  Even where there is insurance for a loss, there may also be portions which are in fact not insured, or where the limits of your policy are insufficient to cover the extent of the damage you sustained.  In those case you can sue for negligence.

In New York, if your insurance agent or broker fails to obtain the insurance coverage you requested, or gives incorrect information the coverage that is actually available, that insurance broker may be liable in the event of an uncovered loss.  Insurance brokers make mistakes and in many situations they can be held responsible.  In those cases they can be "placed in the shoes of the insurer."

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EY v. Ins. Co  - Following a major homeowner's insurance claims, disputes arose regarding a variety of aspects of coverage and the insurance company's deficient payments and bad faith..  Litigation was commenced by Greenblatt & Agulnick in Federal District Court and resolved prior to trial.  Settlement payments exceeded $1.75M


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At Greenblatt Agulnick, we're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help if you have a denied claim, underpaid claim, uninsured loss, or property damage. 

As insurance & damage claim lawyers serving clients on Long Island and throughout New York, we understand how difficult it can be when you have had a loss.  In other words, we represent policyholders in claims with their own insurance companies, and negligence claims for property damage, and have the experience to bring you success.  

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